SERVICES: Creative Direction  /  Photography /  Casting  /  Production  /  Styling  /   On Set Art Direction  /  Video  /  Post Production. 


At Color Card Studios we can provide both creative direction and art direction or collaborate seamlessly with your brand’s team. 

In addition to standard high volume e-commerce product photography we also enjoy shooting concept photography for marketing and PR usages.


We have solid relationships with the top modeling agencies. Castings are conducted on a regular basis for multiple clients. Model agents consistently update Color Card Studios with new packages.

We handle the entire casting procedure: contacting agents, filtering packages, editing model images, setting up the “go-see’s,” presenting to the client for approval, negotiating rates, booking and paying model invoices.


Color Card Studios manages all of the freelancer’s booking and invoices. We are great at building out teams that work in sync with each other to optimize your shoot.

The friendly and fun atmosphere at the studio pairs itself well with the talented and good natured group of friends we bring in to work on all our projects.

Freelancer’s include: Stylists, Hair & Makeup Artists, Digital Tech’s, Models, Photo Assistants, Wardrobe Assistants, Photographers, Prop Stylists, and Art Directors.


Upon booking with Color Card Studios, we will manage and handle all aspects of your production.

Client Merchandise: Receive delivery, check in samples and confirm inventory list. Assign pre-naming and conduct pre-steams.

Live Edit: Set up client’s private LE log in and provide passwords *see Live Edit page

Pre-Light: Set up specific pre determined lighting and conduct test *see customized lighting schematics.


Color Card Studios can take on a lighting protocol that is in place or conduct a “light test” for a client and determine customized lighting schematics that we will incorporate into your style guide.


Live Edit is a program for delivering and editing photo shoots. One of your team members is out of the country? No problem, Color Card Studios will provide a login and upload images for approval in virtual “real time.”

Furthermore, Live Edit is a great editing tool with a grading system that is simple and easy to use. Clients love it!


We use the highest level industry standard capture program, Capture One.


  • We presently manage over 750,000 Camera RAW files for clients.
  • Image delivery is set up thru Dropbox Pro or WeTransfer.


  • Usage rights are negotiated and agreed upon prior to shooting and signed off on by both parties.
  • For non model shoot CCS general usage rights are for 1 year web only non print advertising.
  • We customize multiple resizes for client websites and also for third party vendors.


All retouching is inclusive with Color Card Studios pricing. We assure and deliver perfect consistency by maintaining individual client post production guidelines. We constantly update them after every shoot according to new requirements or specifications.

General Retouching:

  • Removal of fabric imperfections and wrinkles
  • Repair lines, hemline lengthening, sheer to opaque
  • Color authoring *see color authoring
  • Style guide / post production updates
  • Model cosmetic retouching
  • Still life dust removal
  • Clipping and masking
  • Removal of set rigging (invisible filament line etc)
  • Color correction







One shot duplicated multiple times and color authorized (changed) according to swatch (s) provided by client saving time and money.